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Erste AM guidelines

The Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI) as laid down by the United Nations are the basis of our sustainable investment approach. As signatory of the PRI, Erste Asset Management is committed to the following principles in its investment policy:

  1. We will take into account environmental, social, and governance topics (ESG) in our investment analysis and decision-making processes.
  2. We will be an active owner and integrate ESG topics into our ownership policy and practice.
  3. We will require appropriate reporting of ESG topics from the companies we invest in.
  4. We will promote the acceptance and implementation of the PRI in the investment industry.
  5. We will co-operate with partners so as to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the PRI.
  6. We will report on our activities and progress in the implementation of the PRI.

We also require our external partners to have either signed the PRI or to follow them
to the greatest extent possible.

Guidelines on minimum ethical standards

These are minimum ethical standards for all mutual funds (bonds, equities) of Erste Asset Management:

Exclusion of controversial weapons

  • Since 2012 Erste Asset Management has committed to refraining from investments in companies that are involved in the production or trade of controversial weapons. Among them are:
  • Biological and chemical weapons
  • Submunition, including possible launch and ejection systems
  • Anti-personnel mines, mine-planting systems, and other mine systems
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Depleted uranium weapons

No speculation on food

In line with the social responsibility of the entire Erste Group, Erste Asset Management committed in 2013 to refraining across all the investment funds and client portfolios it manages from investments that bet on an increase in food prices. In particular, for our multi-asset mandates – both umbrella funds and asset management solutions - we will not invest in third-party funds or derivatives that speculate on food prices.

No investment in coal

In 2016, Erste Asset Management was one of the first investment fund companies in Austria and Europe to commit to the exclusion of investments in coal across all mutual funds on the basis of individual securities (equities and bonds). All companies that generate more than 30% of sales from coalmining are excluded. Any and all investments in the portfolios were sold by 1 November 2016.

Exclusion Criteria for the Responsible Funds

Please note the warnings at the bottom of the page.

Active Ownership

By active ownership we mean our responsibility to not only take into account sustainability issues when selecting the securities for our portfolios as investors, but also to actively push for measures towards social responsibility, environmental protection, or stronger transparency from companies that we invest in.

In doing so, we distinguish between engagement, i.e. the formal or informal dialogue with the company, and voting, i.e. the exercise of voting rights at Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Both activities pursue the goal of strengthening the voice that our clients have given us by investing in our sustainable funds and submitting it to the companies.

Once a year we report in depth on our voting and engagement activities:


As engaged investor, we want to achieve an active dialogue with the invested companies and states within the framework of our sustainability process. This way, we can point out weaknesses in environmental, social, or governance areas and subsequently try to jointly find a solution for improvement. Our engagement is not only a question of responsibility but also contributes to the minimisation of risk and can thus improve the long-term investment success of our clients. We engage with companies in which the funds of the ERSTE RESPONSIBLE line invest. In individual cases we may also contact companies that we are not invested in; after all, we also want to achieve change at companies that are not investable to us due to their shortcomings in the area of sustainability. We may exclude companies from our investment universe that refuse to engage in dialogue. In our engagement process, we use four strategies:


Voting is the second central pillar of the active ownership approach of Erste AM. We have exercised the voting rights associated with the shares in our ERSTE RESPONSIBLE funds at Annual General Meetings since 2012. Since 2016, we have also extended the exercise the voting rights to our traditionally managed equity funds. This way, we actively project the voice of our clients as indirect owners of the invested companies.

In order to ensure the transparency and consistency of our voting, we have compiled a detailed guideline and regularly and publicly report on our voting behaviour on our voting portal. This guideline does not only apply to our sustainable equity funds, but also to our traditionally managed equity funds.

„Due to the present Covid-19-crisis it might happen in exceptional cases, that voting rights are not executed”

Sustainability handbook

Sustainability means being aware of one's actions and their consequences and designing them in such a way that they do not harm anyone if possible. In other words, actions and deeds of the present generation should not restrict the ability of future generations to act. Sustainable action means behaving like a farmer who cares for a tree in the best possible way and harvests its fruit without cutting it down. In this way, one can expect a sustainable high harvest without endangering the livelihood of tomorrow.

Publications of Erste AM

Sustainable footprint

Sustainability profiles

*master fund, for active distribution in Germany the feeder fund ERSTE STOCK ENVIRONMENT has been approved, for further details on the master fund ERSTE WWF STOCK ENVIRONMENT see

Other documents

Erste Ethics Advisory Board

The Erste Ethik Advisory Board supports Erste Asset Management in all matters related to the ESG approach and investment process. It currently comprises five experts from the fields of management accounting, taxes, political science, ethical and sustainable investment and moral theology.

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