TERMINATION pursuant to § 60 (1) InvFG 2011:

ERSTE BOND EM CORPORATE SHORT TERM (AT0000A1ULN6 (A) (USD R01), AT0000A1U9M5 (A) (USD I01); AT0000A1U9P8 (T) (USD I01); AT0000A1U9Q6 (VTIA) (USD I01), effective 27 July 2021

The unit-holders will be informed directly of the termination pursuant to § 133 InvFG 2011.


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AT0000A1ULN6 (A) (USD R01)

AT0000A1U9M5 (A) (USD I01)

AT0000A1U9P8 (T) (USD I01)

AT0000A1U9Q6 (VTIA) (USD I01)