Impact investing

Impact Investing

Financial yield is no longer the only benchmark of sustainable investments in many cases. The requirement to drive social and environmental change in a targeted fashion by way of investment decisions is becoming increasingly clear. As a result, more and more institutional investors have to address this issue as well. The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN development contain 17 goals for the development of our planet until 2030. These goals have been legally binding for the member states of the United Nations since 2016. All goals have in common the search for solutions for global challenges and mega trends.

Impact investment is one response to this demand for an alternative approach for sustainable investments. It offers investors the chance to effect a pre-defined kind of social or environmental change in a targeted fashion and to participate financially in its success. The sustainability risks are of course also taken into account in this case.

Erste Asset Management currently offers two solutions in this area, each of which pursues numerous goals with regard to sustainable development.

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